How We Can Help

Trustability Metrix offers deep understanding of an organization’s dedication and practice around the essential elements of higher-level trust -- extreme trust, or trustability:


  • Do things right

  • Do the right thing

  • Proactively


Our goal is to help companies understand not just how they are currently perceived in the marketplace, but also to understand their strengths and weaknesses across the key dimensions of trust, with an eye to making specific improvements, and eventually – when they are ready -- to being able to report a Trustability rating. 


In an age of transparency, customers will find out everything, sooner or later. We believe that’s why a recent survey revealed that 84% of CMOs said that “trust” is the number one issue that will be facing marketing for the next 10 years. Furthermore, our research shows that customers are willing to pay more to do business with a company they trust.  So it’s a bottom line issue.


Existing measures of “trust” are superficial at best, and inaccurate at worst.  Since trust is a hot topic, everybody offers some version of a “brand trust” measure.  But there are not yet any universally-accepted standards that measure trust reliably, objectively, deeply, and consistently. But here you can get real help understanding and improving your organization’s Trustability. 




  • Assess both sides of the equation: Stakeholder attitudes and company actions and decisions

  • Comprehensive metrics that capture all three critical components of trust

    • Do things right, Do the right thing, Proactively

  • Not limited to observable behaviors

  • Not limited to stated intentions

  • Not reliant on a single approach or source of information

    • Combination of multiple data sources and collection methodologies, including company auditing

  • Superior knowledge, background, research, experience, and insight of TMx team